How To Increase your optical practice profits

The team at K-Mars Optical is oriented towards your business success. We do this by offering products and services that ultimately enables you to sell more, keep you patients happy and increase your practice profits.

“When your business is doing well, so does ours”

Increasing your optical practice revenue with specialized lenses

These days, comprehensive eyecare require us to develop great glasses for each and every task.  This is because patients require their glasses to not only correct their vision, but to maximize their enjoyment and performance.

This is the reason that we only manufacture and carry top of the line products such as premium stock lenses, specialized freeform progressive and coatings at a very competitive price. Our goal is for your patient to come back, buy more and for you to retain those hard-earned margins.   

increase optical practice profit

Sell more pairs and increase your margins with 25% off any additional pair

We offer 25% off any additional pair for the same patient. Get your patient to purchase an additional pair of glasses within 30 days, and take 25% off the lower priced one. Increase your ticket price and improve your margins at the same time!

25% off any additional pair

The largest in-house finished lens inventory

While other laboratories charge you the same price regardless if they require to surface your job or not, we will always try and use one of stock lenses at a much lower price point. With over 500,000 pairs of stock lenses at our warehouse, you can rest assured you’re getting the best prices.

largest stock lens inventory

Frame and Lenses Program

Get 5% off every job and superfast turn time when you use one of our stocked frames for your order. simply place your order online, select a frame and we will start production the same day. Learn more about the program here.

frame and lenses program 5% off

Branded Freeform Progressive Lenses

Impress patients with high-performance freeform progressives. The KM Explorer line offers the most advanced designs, by IOT and SEIKO but without the high prices.

branded progressive freeform lens designs

Reduce your overhead and improve customers’ retention

With K-Mars Optical, you’re not only reducing your costs but also improving your customer’s experience. With high-quality products, your customers are sure to return for more.

reduce overhead optical practice