The new standard is here

Don’t over pay for standard anti reflection coatings with low performance and high price tags. With K-Mars Optical you get the absolutely best Anti-Reflection possible for the lowest possible price. Our signature, almost clear aqua blue color and multiple super hydrophobic layers deliver a new industry standard.

Custom Anti-Reflection Coatings

Diamond AR (D+)

Superior Glare and reflection protection. This coating surpasses current market standards in any category and guaranteed to last for years. Its very easy to clean with top scores in dirt repelling and UV protection. Included layers of Anti-Static, Oleophobic, Superhydrophobic, and UV Protection (front and backside). Light blue color.

Sapphire AR (D)

Premium Anti-Glare coating. Great anti-reflective scores, easiness
of cleaning and dirt repelling properties. Features included: Anti-Static, Superhydrophobic, UV protection (front), Oleophobic, and Scratch resistance coatings. Light blue color.

Crystal AR (C)

An advanced, light blue colored, Anti-Glare Coating with enhanced scratch and dirt resistance. Features included: Hydrophobic, UV protection (front), and Scratch resistance.  

Blue Diamond AR (D+)

Blue Diamond Anti-Glare. This Ultimate glare and blue light protection coating, receives top scores for scratch, UV, and easiness of cleaning. A great addition to any surfaced Blue-X lens that increases blue light protection and helps with melatonin suppression. Features included: Blue light reflection, Anti-static, enhanced oleophobic, Superhydrophobic, UV protection (front and back sides), and Scratch resistance.

Stock Finished AR Coatings

Armor Guard AR Coating (C+)

Armor Guard Anti-Reflection coating offers a premium Anti-Glare that is very easy to clean and stays clean for longer periods of time. Includes Superhydrophobic, Anti-Static, UV protection and Scratch protection coatings. Available in Polycarbonate, 1.67 and 1.74 lens materials.

KM Hydrophobic AR Coating (B)

KM Hydrophobic Anti-Reflection coating offers an advanced Anti-Glare coating at a lower price point. Built in with hydrophobic, anti-static, UV and scratch resistant coatings. Available in CR-39, Polycarbonate and 1.56 lens materials.

Golden Armor AR (D)

Golden Armor is superhydrophobic gold colored Anti-reflection coating. Great anti-Glare properties for the ultimate HD experience. Includes Anti-Static, Superhydrophobic, UV protection (front). Oleophobic, and Scratch resistance. Currently available in CR-39 double aspheric lenses.