Horizon Progressive Lenses

KM Horizon HD utilizes revolutionary approach to progressive vision correction. This design has wider vision fields, which makes KM Horizon HD much more useful and flexible for daily tasks such as driving and using your computer. Most patients will not require a fitting height and the reference point will be right in the center of the frame’s B height. Combined with zero peripheral distortion, the result is a lens design that is very easy to dispense and for a patient to adapt to.

What is The Horizon multi-focal Design

KM Horizon design consists of aspheric, lateral optical bands, organized across the lens, that are vertically aligned along the design. The design is a mathematically created curvature based on an actual natural downward gaze focal length deceleration.

How does Horizon compared to Freeform Progressive Lenses

The KM Horizon HD design shape is funnel like rather than the known hourglass shape that is common with conventional and newer digital progressive lenses. Wide intermediate field and near vision zones allows smoother transition between vision fields which makes this lens a great match for tasks around the office.

What is the reduced focus area?

The outer zones of the KM Horizon design are free of peripheral distortion and have only slight “out of focus” area. This helps dramatically to eliminate sway or swim effects that may cause nausea and disorientation.


Select a frame with a minimum of 34 mm B measurement and positive fascial wrap

KM Horizon HD requires Power verification and PRP at only one point – ERP and edged as a single vision, which significantly simplifies the dispensing process.

Fit the lenses in the frame using a distance monocular PD.

Set pantoscopic tilt between 10 to 12 degrees.

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