Frame and Lenses Program

The Fastest Turnaround

Eliminate long shipping times, replacement of broken frames and back orders. We carry and manage the frames inventory which leaves you the time you need to do the important tasks. Simply place your order online and we will do the work as fast as same day.

5% Discount On Each Job

Each Frame and Lenses job get’s 5% additional discount which can be combined with our other promotions.

Make Profit

With K-Mar’s Frame and Lenses program, you not only save time but also increase your profit per job. 5% discount and minimal processing time invested in the practice yields more profits.

Minimal Inventory Management

Replacement of broken, stolen, and lost frames are all a thing of the past when you bundle your job with our frames.

Broad Inventory availability

Each store has limited storage and show space for it’s frames. With Frame and Lenses program, we carry all the frames and the only ones you need to show are just one of each model. This allows you to carry more models and increase the chance to convert those hard to fit patients.