1.74 Stock Finished Lenses

1.74 ultra high index with premium anti-reflective coating stock finished lenses

1.74 Armor Guard AR

MR-1.74 ultra high index lenses with our premium Armor Guard Anti-Reflective coating are the thinnest lenses available for your patient. These lenses will make high prescriptions appear aesthetically pleasant and not too thick. Armor Guard premium AR is Superhydrophobic, Oleophobic, Anti-Static, UV and scratch protected. It will make the lenses very easy to clean and maintain.

Available range : SPH -3.00 to -12.00 | CYL 0.00 to -2.00 | SPH -3.00 to -8.00. CYL -2.25 to -3.00

Abbe value : 32

Diameters : 75mm (-) / 70mm (-) / 65mm(-)

Recommended for prescriptions strengths : up to |12.00| combined CYL and SPH.