Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Specialty Services

String Groove (repair)

Restring and repair torn or broken string line. String line is used in grooved and semi rimless frames to hold the lenses in place.

Roll & Polish Edges

Polish lens edges to make them clear and less visible. Great for high prescriptions with thicker lens edge, rimless and semi rimless frames.


Resize grooved and rimless frame’s lenses to any required size. Increase the height, width and even choose your own shape. We can do it!

Nose Pads Replacement

Replace damaged, old and missing nose pads with brand new high-end ones. We carry all nose pads shapes and sizes and can replace them quickly.

Screw Replacement

Replace damaged, stripped or missing frames screws.

Rush Service

Need your patient’s job faster than ever? K-Mars optical is known for our speed but in some situations you just need that job delivered faster. Rest assured we will take care of you with our dedicated expediting team and our Rush Service.