Add super hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to any lens, even if it’s not already AR coated. Adds additional protection from scratches and makes the lenses very easy to clean.

UV Protection Coating

Add UV protective coating to surfaced lenses. Up to 100% UV protection for any lens material.

Hard Coating

Adds additional layers of coating to uncoated lenses to create a unified surface that makes the lens tintable, more scratch resistant and required before adding Anti-Reflection.

Scratch Resistant Coating

Adds scratch protection to uncoated lenses. Helps by making the lenses surfaced sealed and prevents dirt from scratching when cleaning the lenses.

Mirror Coating

Add mirror coating to any lens. Mirror coatings are not only a fashion statements. They reduce glare and help to ease your eyes with intense sunlight. Available in all colors, shades, styles and can be matched with existing sunglasses lenses.