KM Freeform Progressive Lenses

KM Freeform Progressive Lenses

We are proud to introduce the first full line of in-house premium freeform digital progressive lenses.
The Explorer Progressive line offers a tailored solution for every budget and need.

KM Instant ™ Plus

KM Instant ™ Plus is the most economic basic progressive design. This none-compensated design is the best upgrade for experienced progressive lenses wearers looking to upgrade from conventional none digital designs.

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KM Instant Freeform Progressive lenses

KM Explorer Progressive

KM Explorer ™

KM Explorer™ is a none-compensated economic progressive design for experienced progressive lenses wearers. Balanced distance and near visual zones for a comfortable all-purpose lens.

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KM Explorer™ HD

KM Explorer™ HD is a good starter progressive design with good performance at a lower price point. Higher image stability, reduced swim effect and improved peripheral visual acuity in the distance zone.

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KM Explorer HD

KM Explorer Ultimate HD

KM Explorer™ HD Ultimate

This is the ultimate lens design for all day work. Wide near and distance visual fields guarantees all day comfort while working, using your mobile device and driving. Comfortable to adapt to and near elimination of peripheral burr with increased image stability.

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KM Explorer™ HD Active

KM Explorer™ HD Active is designed for maximizing the distance visual field while maintaining precise focusing points. This lens design works great with wrap frames and higher prescriptions with very minimal peripheral burr.

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KM Explorer HD Active

KM Explorer Ultimate Mobile

KM Explorer™ Ultimate Mobile

KM Explorer™ HD Mobile is a customized freeform progressive that is optimized for mobile phones. Can be applied to our KM Explorer™ Ultimate design for increased width intermediate visual zone

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KM Explorer™ HD Drive

KM Explorer HD Drive designed for maximizing visual performance while driving at any light condition. Optimized for vision the dashboard, side mirrors and the road at all distances. Improves night myopia and near elimination of peripheral blur.

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KM Explorer Drive

KM Explorer HD Office

KM Explorer™ HD Office and Computer

KM Explorer Office and Computer is an occupational freeform digital progressive lens design. The lens design is formulated to generate maximum intermediate and near fields of vision. Easy transitions between the intermediate and near visual fields, which may improve the wearer posture while avoiding unnecessary head movements. Easy adaptation and superior visual quality especially when using mobile devices.

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