Freeform Digital Single Vision Lenses

Freeform Digital Single Vision Lenses


Eliminate peripheral blur with KM HD Single Vision. Great for sport and wrap frames with comfortable and precise focusing at all distances.

KM HD™ Anti-Fatigue

KM Anti-Fatigue is a digital design meant to reduce the symptoms of eyestrain associated with extensive use of electronic devices. This design incorporates a slight increase in magnification for the near visual field that can be customized for each patient. Great for patients showing symptoms of visual fatigue, pre-presbyopes and with heavy mobile device use

Shamir Autograph III™

Shamir Autograph III ® SV enables any single vison eyeglass wearer crisp sharp vison using individualized prescription match to the patient’s chosen frame. This design incorporates power corrections based on the patient’s unique prescription and the way they wear their glasses.
Eye-point Technology III ensures very wide fields of sharp, clear vision with As-Worn Quadro technology.

Shamir Attitude III™

Shamir Attitude III® SV design is the perfect sunglass solution for the sharpest vision even with highly curved frames. Distortion free personalized vision for individuals who wear prescription sunglasses for any need.

Shamir Relax™

Shamir Relax™ is an advanced digital Single Vison lens design meant to reduce eye fatigue and provide additional visual comfort while using a digital screen. The design features an extra bit of power meant to reduce eyestrain in the viewing area of 15-27 inches which is often the area we hold our mobile device. This lens works good for any patient with binocular vison who experience eyestrain or end of day eye fatigue.