Block Blue Light

Block harmful blue light with the latest available technologies by K-Mars Optical. Available in Blue-X UV420, Blue Diamond Coating and Tint.

Blue X Lens Technology

Blue-X lenses incorporates the latest U420 technology that blocks up to 99.9% of blue light at the most damaging range. The lenses are clear and with minimal residual color.

Blue X lenses

Blue diamond anti-reflection blue light shield coating

Blue Diamond Anti-Reflection Coating

Blue Diamond Anti-Reflection is a top tier anti-glare coatings that includes blue light reflective properties. Adding this coating will enhance any lens blue light protection and light transmittance. 2 years warranty is included.

Blue Block Lens Tint (Orange Lens Tint)

Lenses tinted with blue block tint will block the most blue light at any range. Great for individuals with high sensitivity to blue light. Blue Diamond will coating will compliment this tint and increase overall blue light protection.

Blue blocking tinted lenses